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April 2005
Volume 2, Issue 1
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A Message from the Chief MGH Neurosurgical Society Alumni HomePage
Alumni Update from Dr. Martuza
These are difficult times for Neurosurgery and for neurosurgeons whether you are in an academic environment or in private practice. Yet despite these difficulties, I am heartened by the fact that each year we have such high caliber medical students entering our specialty.

At the MGH, we continue to attract the "best of the best". We thank you for your support of these outstanding residents.

I would like to thank everyone who has so kindly donated and pledged towards the Robert Ojemann Professorship. We are still working hard to make this a reality in order to honor someone who was so instrumental to the MGH

neurosurgery program and to each of us.

If you have not already pledged, or if you would like to increase your pledge, please contact my office at 617-726-8583.

This October the Congress of Neurological Surgeons is meeting in Boston (October 8-13). This gives us the opportunity to plan a special event for our alumni. Please let us know if there is something special you would like to do.

Our initial idea was to hold the event at the MGH so that those of you who haven't back in a while can tour our new facilities and see old friends. In particular, we want your input as to WHEN to have this event

so that we can minimize any conflicts with other CNS events.

As you can see, our residents continue to lead the way in both basic science and clinical outcomes research. Your dues help to provide a cushion for those residents who may need financial assistance during research periods. So far our residents as you can see, have been extremely successful in gaining grants and fellowships. Once again, we are asking that you support the Neurosurgical Alumni Association and return the form enclosed with your dues.

I look forward to seeing you in April at the AANS and hope that many of you can join us this October in Boston.

2005-7- NREF (Neurosurgery Research and Foundation) 2 year fellowship -D. Cahill

2004- American Brain Tumor Association Basic Science Research Fellowship- M Aghi

2004-6- Daman Runyan Cancer Research Foundation (3 year fellowship)-C. Chen

2004 --Preuss Award for Outstanding Brain Tumor Basic Science Research, presented at annual American Association of Neurologic Surgeons (AANS) meeting-M. Aghi

2003-5-NREF (Neurosurgery Research and Foundation) 2 year fellowship -R. Amrinovin

2003-Congress of Neurological Surgeons Resident Award, Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery-Z. Williams

2003-American Parkinson's Disease Scholarship -Z. Williams

CIMIT (Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology) Neurotechnology Grant

Annual Award of the American Academy of Neurological Surgery for Resident Research (Honorable Mention) (2)

Annual Award of the American Academy of Neurological Surgery for Resident Research (Invited to present) (2)

William Scoville Resident Award for Best Paper Presented at the New England Neurosurgical Society (Scientific)

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