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April 2005
Volume 2, Issue 1
MGH Neurosurgical Society Alumni News






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Manucher Javid MD received the Manfred E. Swarsensky Humanitaran Service Award in 2001; and the Emeritus Faculty Award, U of Wisconsin Alumni Association, 2000; He was featured in a profile article in Persian Heritage Magazine. An endowed professorship in his name was established in 1998.
A conference room was dedicated to Dr. Javid in 1998 by the Dept of Neurosurgery at U of W ; AOA Honor Medical Society. Dr Javid's accomplishments and contributions to the field of neurosurgery are numerous. He trained 50 neurosurgeons during his tenure as chairman and program director at the University of Wisconsin where he established the Dept of Neurosurgery. Since his retirement in
1998,. He has been active in Hospice care, the Millenium Committee and Challenges of the Elderly. Dr. Javid now has the time to pursue his avocation--the study of world religions. He is a member of the Haha'I faith. Upon his retirement, the chairman of the Religious Studies program at the University asked Dr. Javid to join his group as a guest lecturer. He continues to enjoy this association.

Hoon Kim Jeong MD PHD: Dr. Kim was promoted to Associate Professor in 2002 and specializes in brain tumors, especially neuro-oncology.

Yogish Kamath, MD is head of the neurosurgical service at the VA Hospitals in Boston, MA.

Dimitris Karacostas MD was appointed Asst. Prof of Neurology in 2001 where he specializes in stroke. He has been at the Department of Nerurology at AHEPA University Hospital, Aristotle University School of Medicine since 1981 . He has been organizing an experimental lab aimed at 1) Multiple Sclerosis (stem cells transplantation) and
2) Stroke rat model (progenitor cells transplantaton and trophic factors in the
ischemic MCA zone.

Hirakawa Kimiyoshi MD: Retired in 2000 as the Chief of Neurosurgery at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and now works for private hospitals in and near Tokyo.

David M. Klein MD: retired in 1994 from pediatric neurosurgery at SUNY-Buffalo.

Yuji Miyazaki MD is a Councilor, Board of Trustees, Japan Neurosurgical Society, Member, Board of Directors, Japan Association of Neurosurgical Clinics

Richard Morawetz MD has been the Director of the Division of Neurosurgery since 1988 and Vice-Chairman of Dept of Surgery at UAB since 1999. He is Director of the American Board of Neurological Surgery and Vice-President of the American Academy of Neurological Surgery

Hubert Morgalla Matthias MD Ph.D. received a PhD in 2000. Current activities are research in neurotraumatology, neurotrotection and coma.

Christopher S. Ogilvy, MD was promoted to Professor of Surgery(Neurosurgery) in 2003.

Burton Onofrio MD was named Professor and Chair at the Mayo Clinic in Neurosurgery , LaCrosse, Wicsconsin. He spends a great deal of his time as "professional crate maker" for his wife Judy's art.

Curtis N. Nelson MD PhD is engaged in the private practice of neurosurgery in Rochester NY and teaches part time at the University of Rochester.

Richard G. Nilges MD retired from neurosurgery in 1984 and from office and consulting practice in 1986. He studied all aspects of brain death (medical, philosophicaland theological) and published on this topic. Returned part-time as an examiner for the Indiana DisabilityDetermination Bureau, but retired in 2002 due to health reasons at the age of 82. He is co-editor and contributor of a chapter to "Beyond Brain Death", Kluwer Acadmic Publishers, 2000 with Michael Potts and Paul A. Byrne.

Kenneth Ott MD is currently Chief, Section of Neurosurgery at Mercy Hospital 2003-2005 Director, San Diego Gamma Knife Center, La Jollas, CA

Howard A. Richter MD : retired from neurosurgery July 1999. He served a one-year term as President of the Pennsylvania Medical Society. Currently is Director of a Professional Liability

Insurance Company named PMSLIC and very involved in claims management, underwriting and rate setting. He is enjoying his grandchildren

David A. Roth MD: Currently in a full-time private practice in Melrose, Massachusetts, limited to spinal microsurgery after 39 years.

Andrew G. Shetter MD is practicing at Barrow Neurological Associates in Pheonix.

Hikaru Sasaki MD received the Japan Neurosurgical Society Award in 2003 and the Keio Sanshi-Kai Award in 2002.

Fredric M. Sonstein MD retired from surgery, but still has an active office practice. Had 2nd cervical fusion (now C4-7 done with plate). Residual myelopaty (how ironic!) somewhat limited. Best wishes to all. --Fred

Stephen B. Tatter MD PhD: Leading accruer to NABTT neurosurgical brain tumor trials!!

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